Mr. Roshan Fernando is the innovative founder of Roshan Padanama Foundation (hereinafter referred to as Donate In Faith), a non – profit which he has since 1982 single handedly funded till date with his private business endeavors from all around the world. Mr. Roshan Fernando is the 5th child of his family, born in Kochchikade, Negombo, Sri Lanka and studied at Kochchikade Central School till 1982 when he encountered A/L in 1982 to complete his studies. He thereafter established a glass factory which he ran till 1994. While in school, he was one of the high spirited personalities in the school and he served as team captain of the volley ball team. He was also connected with Shramadana, Social Services even up till now.

With the help of income from his glass factory, Mr. Roshan Fernando has been able to push his pet foundation, Roshan Padanama Foundation (Donate In Faith) to greater heights. To date, the foundation has, started the Silver Sands Sports Club, the best ever and government gave land for the project, while Mr. Roshan Fernando, with his funds financed acquisition of other facilities like balls, net, electric light system and many more. The foundation has also helped fishermen with purchasing seines to grow their local businesses and alleviate poverty among them. The foundation has further helped poor people in various communities with funeral services and other social services to the widows and widowers. The church of Palangathure has been a beneficiary of Donate In Faith’s generosity with the provision of glasses for the church while the church of St. Judes was helped with funds. Top of the achievements of Mr. R. Fernando’s pet foundation is the rendering of main sponsorship for several occasions that occurred in the village, such as funerals, weddings, naming, or housing.

To further his course, Mr. R. Fernando in 1999 went to Sweden to work and earn more money to help the needy. Hence, he first worked at the company of Ericson in Sweden and there, he earned more money for the foundation. He then worked also at the Sweden Airport, all in a bid to raise more funds for the foundation without having to task government or other private organizations. With the great job that Mr. R. Fernando is doing through his foundation, the accolades are high and the stakes are also high for this outstanding personality.

Mr. R. Fernando has also worked on a dedicated website to help in the course which he has single handedly pursued for over 20 years now. This website is for the purpose of showcasing the benefits of the foundation and helping raise more funds for the operation of Donate In Faith. Mr. R. Fernando has been an expert in rendering of social services to the poor through the foundation and seeks to expand the charity with the help of philanthropists, government functionaries, social clubs, private individuals and organizations alike from around the world by donating through

Not many people or even group of people match Mr. Roshan Fernando in sacrifices for the progress of humanity. He is indeed a hero of time and a champion of great course for humanity. He is a kind sought after in many communities around the world, however, Sri Lanka is lucky to have this rare gem, who gives all it takes to alleviate poverty, raise the standard of living of local professionals and champions the course for freedom of local communities.

Donate In Faith is an registered organization in Stockhom Sweden.

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Donate In Faith Roshan Padanama

Reg.No: 802489-3839