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As she recalled the tale, sitting in front of their poorly plastered house, Nirosha looked at her now aged mother and father with caring eyes. It had been just another week day when she had gone with her 7 month toddler son cradled on her hip to pick up her two daughters, Pramudi, 9, and Thiseni, 6, after school. Only that day she had come home to find her mother passed out in their slippery toilet with her walking staff aside. Then the medications for the injured leg started, only to end up in upsetting Kumarihamy’s spine to the point where walking or even sitting up was impossible. Mr.Agonis chimed in with grief as he spoke about the days when both of them could walk and work without being dependant on anybody else, least of all their children. Now they needed bottles of medication that came to an unaffordable Rs 1200 per month to keep the pains, coughs, pressure, and other conditions away. Nirosha too had once been employed at a garment factory for 11 years but stopped once her eldest daughter was born.

The 2 shallow wells in their backyard were not helping and water was becoming rare as black diamonds. A motor was once fixed onto them but was soon put out of use as the electricity bill ran sky high since trying to siphon water from dried ground took up a lot of electricity. Fire wood too had now become a luxury that they could not afford even to cook a simple meal. Somehow survival had come to how well they can economize. If one of the wells were fixed up, dug deeper in and fixed with a proper motor, water for their most basic drinking, bathing, and cooking needs would be satisfied.

In the rainy season there were the floods to worry about. The decayed, temporarily fixed roof sheets leaked, making tiny puddles all over the house. It was worse then and unbearable. Saman, Nirosha’s husband who was employed as an electrician, tried to do everything that was possible to stop the roof from leaking but he did not earn enough to buy the proper material. This family prays every day for the financial support to fix their house and water supply, so that the at least the innocent little lives they treasure between themselves would be safe and sound.

Updates #1

Water Pump was fixed via a donation by a relative.

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